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Black Males, Theatre, Stage Play's, Leading Role, Fine Arts, Thespian
Black Male, Theatre, Stage Play's, Leading Role
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Black Men in Broadway

Black Men in Broadway

“Black Men in Broadway “

-Who is Brandon G. Green?

Husband, Theatre/Creative Artist, & Educator from Selma, AL currently based in Boston, MA. As an actor, I’m primarily working in theatre, but I’m slowly making my way into other mediums including voice-over and film. As a playwright, I’m working on my first full-length play about superheroes, activism, and the war on black and brown bodies. Education-wise, I’m an adjunct professor of theatre at Brandeis University and a teaching artist at various Boston high schools through Daniel Beaty’s “I Dream Project”.

-What piqued your interest in the performing arts?

I’ve been interested in artistic expression for as long as I can remember. I’m an introvert and have been for some time, but somehow I always had a knack for performing and imitating cartoons, tv, and movie characters. The imagination was always there but I had to be creative about the outlet. A lot of my schools didn’t have productions, so I wound up working the church, school assembly, and summer camp circuit. Actually, my two high schools did full productions after I left. Not saying I had something to do with that, but maybe. I probably figured out I could do theatre as a profession after my mom and aunts took my sister, cousins, and I to see the tour of The Lion King in Birmingham, AL. Blew my mind. That might’ve been the first thing to truly plant the seed.

-How has your journey been so far in becoming a leading role in a hit play?

It’s been about following my soul. I’ve claimed the shows that have been the most rewarding experiences and this one was no different. My first Boston show (We Are Proud To Present…) got me in a habit of loving shows that take the audience’s guard down with humor before dropping and emotional, and often times, educational bomb on them. Summer L. Williams, who directed me in that show also directed me in An Octoroon. Those two shows, as well as The Scottsboro Boys, approach race from a subversive way that sort of implicates the audience in the action taking place on stage and definitely changed me as an artist as well as a person.

When Scottsboro was announced, I knew that I wanted to help tell the story of the Scottsboro Nine. I fought for it harder than any other show so far, especially considering that I hadn’t had to sing since 2013 and hadn’t done a musical since my time at Alabama State University. Ultimately, I made it in and the most beautiful thing about that cast was that everyone had to step their game up and set egos to the side to do the story justice. I always love when the story is the most important thing. It makes for a rewarding experience and this was no exception. I truly feel like every role has prepared me for the next so whatever challenge lies ahead, I know I’ll be ready for it.

-Any Advice for young black males or the next generation?

Stay Humble, Stay Hungry, Feed your Soul. In other words; know who are and what you have to offer, but know that there’s always more to work on and aspire to. Follow what moves you and feels good in your soul. The most rewarding experiences have all been soul food and labors of love. I also know that somethings aren’t for me so I step away; knowing when to say no is as much a part of success and self-care as saying yes to yourself is. Finally, practice gratitude; people remember and it goes along way.

-How can readers keep up with you and your work?

Twitter: @BG_McPhiii

This article was written by Justin Sims, (IAMMRMENTOR), In hopes of not only inspiring entrepreneurs, but young black males to be the best and the truest version of themselves.

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