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Black Male, Photography, Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon, Staff
Black Male, Photography, Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon, Staff
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MTV Photographer

MTV Photographer

Behind the Lens

Who is Shawn Goins?

A normal individual who believes we can achieve more than what we are taught. We are taught a certain way in school, but we have to tap into something else to get to what we want, whether that is being a photographer, the president, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Shawn is also trying to find himself in the world because he knows that your story is not over until it’s over. So, Shawn doesn’t know yet. Although I’m currently interviewing with you, I’m also making promotional materials for my business. Tomorrow I will be promoting my side business while at work. I currently work in Ad Sales at MTV, as a Client Sales Rep.

How did you get into your role at MTV and how has it been?

I ended up visiting my line brother (one of the people I entered into my fraternity with) at work almost in a shadowing type of position. I was able to meet a lot of executives. I met a particular executive on the elevator; he wasn’t on my list, but we still had a great conversation and ended up exchanging contacts.

I also had an opportunity to talk with the supervisor of Client Sales. We had an hour-long conversation about life. We connected, and he told me to contact him if I ever saw a role that I was interested in at Viacom. As faith would have it, I contacted him when I saw a position that he was actually supervising over.

You have only worked for MTV for a short time period but you have been very much so accomplished. Tell us about some of your accomplishments thus far.

Working in the corporate world, I’m really learning how to do business from the corporate side in ways school couldn’t teach me. Everything I’m learning from working with companies like Times Square, Viacom, and NYC Lifestyle, I’m able to take and apply to my own company. I often take my experiences at work and apply them to my personal life and business. 

I got a VMA White Carpet pass the week of the VMAs to work the event, and it was all based off the principles I’ve learned in the past and actually applying.





Another accomplishment, well opportunity, that has been established for me is the unlimited doors that have opened – the opportunity to work with so many others that are looking to go in the same direction as me. My company owns Wild ‘n Out, and we work with stars as big as Beyoncé all the time. It has almost been a year and a half now, I have even had an opportunity to expand my career into working with Nickelodeon as well.

Any advice for young Black males?

Remain true to yourself and don’t always run behind the cool crowd. We were born to be leaders. I know its cliché, but my life changed when I realized that. Always plan five steps ahead and always have a plan out. You have to have a plan B. If you get three steps in, and you later find out the next two steps are wrong, you need to find a way to adjust. Find a way to finish. Uplift others that you know along your journey.

How can interested readers keep up with your campaign?

On Instagram @W.Entertainment_

SNAPCHAT: Frank_White09 and via email at:Goins007@hotmail.com


In regards to a personal photo, Mr. Goins’s preference was not to share, therefore allowing viewers and readers of his content to draw a true conclusion based solely on his content. 

This article was written by Justin Sims, (IAMMRMENTOR), In hopes of not only inspiring entrepreneurs, but young black males to be the best and the truest version of themselves.

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