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iammrmentor | “NCAA Football Gamers, New Lucky Charms”
iammrmentor | “NCAA Football Gamers, New Lucky Charms”
“NCAA Football Gamers, New Lucky Charms”
NCAA Fotball Gamers come back of college football
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“NCAA Football Gamers, New Lucky Charms”

“NCAA Football Gamers, New Lucky Charms”

“Two Gamers looking to not only bring back NCAA Football, but also change the way Black youth approach gaming “

Who are Alex and Kameron Lewis?

I’m Kameron Lewis. I went to Bishop State Community College for electrical engineering and I currently work as a tire delivery driver. My name is Alex Lewis. I recently graduated from Troy University and I currently work at Penn State University as a graphic designer in the athletic program. We are first cousins, we work separate full time jobs, and we share a passion for college football and video games. Being from Alabama, we breathe college football. We built our bond truly on video games and sports, in general. We wanted to combine our efforts to turn our passion into a solution in the marketplace in regards to filling the void there is currently in the video game market for a college football game.

Tell us about iMackulate Vision. 

Alex: While I was in college, I couldn’t find a job in the town I was in. So, my mentor told me to use the skills that I possess to make money for myself. At that point, I began to make marketing campaigns including: graphics, taking photos, videos etc. under the name iMackulate Vision. Since, then I have grown my business by utilizing those skills and have become a part-time digital marketing specialist.

During the 2016 National Championship game, EA dropped a heart-murmuring ad about a college football game. After realizing that the ad was posted by mistake, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the solution to this problem. So, I immediately began to do research and after collecting enough data and formulating a plan I called Kameron and shared my idea with him. I was very organized and serious and when he realized how serious I was, he felt that it could happen. From that point, we began to pool our resources together and start working towards that goal.

How have the developments been going with your latest project? 

Last year, we launched a Kickstarter campaign that was ultimately unsuccessful. We learned so much from our first year in business. We took the next few months following our unsuccessful campaign to plan out our next steps that we would take towards successfully reaching our goal.

The main thing that we changed was our approach regarding the development process of Gridiron Champions itself. Before the Kickstarter campaign we were outsourcing all game assets (stadium, helmets, etc.) through separate independent developers. Since then, we decided that we wanted to work with an established company to make the development process more efficient and guarantee the quality of the product for our target audience. We are happy to say that we have agreed to terms with an established development company that will develop our game for us once we have raised enough seed capital to fund full-time development.

In an effort to expand our reach and spread awareness about our efforts, we are also happy to announce that we have partnered with a few professional athletes to help promote our efforts and ultimately invest in our product! We recently partnered with Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets and Lamar Louis of the Baltimore Ravens. Lastly, we have added a new YouTube Brand Ambassador, QJB to our team as well. He was more than 1 Million subscribers on his channel. Our original ambassadors Karl Fleming and Devon Lloyd have returned as well in an effort to #BringBackGreatness! We have reached over one million views and impressions our advertisements multiple times as a result of our team’s efforts.

We recently launched our Insider Program on May 15, 2017. This program allows the video gaming community the opportunity to help contribute to funding the full-time development process of the game in exchange for seeing their name in the game, a guaranteed copy and many other perks. Supporters can either choose to pay their contribution all up front or separate their contribution into 12 small monthly payment. So far, we have 965 Sign Ups and have raised $24,462 (In-Hand) | $101,562 (Including Pledged Reoccurring Payments). All contributions not only help us fund the development process but they also help provide us with impressive numbers that we can take to interested investors to provide them with proof of concept. Since launching our new insider program, we have been reached out to by many interested investors and investor groups as well. So, the more sign ups that we receive the closer we will get towards achieving our goal of bringing back the game that we all love.

Any advice for youth looking to follow in your footsteps?

We honestly wanted to be an example for the youth looking to follow in our footsteps simply by being a positive example. Growing up, we really didn’t see that many examples of “success” outside of the realms of sports or entertainment. We want to be a positive example in the realms of entrepreneurship and technology. Ideally we would like to show that if you work hard, remain consistent, remain patient, and you’re your faith in God that anything is possible. The one word that we have used to motivate ourselves since our unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign is “action.” We know that people talk all of the time about what they want to do but actions begin a domino effect towards success. For example, there isn’t a lot of information for individuals that want to build a game or start a video game company. Nonetheless, the internet and social media has been a tool that allowed to connect with valuable individuals and information. We didn’t allow what we didn’t know to paralyze our efforts or slow us down. We remained steadfast and continued our relentless efforts to seek out the information that we needed to continue to move forward. This type of tenacity is necessary when facing any kind of adversity. We could’ve given up after our first unsuccessful funding effort last year but instead we regrouped and laid out a new plan of action. Now, we are closer than we have ever been to achieving our goal!

Where can supporters follow your movement? 

iMackulate Vision Gaming on Facebook, @imvgaming on Twitter, iMackulate Vision Gaming on YouTube, and imackulatevisiongaming.com

This article was written by Justin Sims, (IAMMRMENTOR), In hopes of not only inspiring entrepreneurs, but young black males to be the best and the truest version of themselves.

If you like this article and find yourself interested in more positive stories about black millennial age males, please visit WWW.IAMMRMENTOR.CO and follow him on his social media pages IAMMRMENTOR on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Editing By: Ciara Dawson