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Not only are black males in the news, we also help create it!

Not only are black males in the news, we also help create it!

Not only are we in the news, we also help create it.

-Who is Chris Ruffin Jr.?

Just a kid from Birmingham who’s trying to figure out what life is about. I’m aMillennial who has a passion for living life to the fullest because I know I’m here for a reason, and I’m honestly just trying to accomplish all of the dreams that I’ve envisioned for myself. I am all about building for the future and building people up by spreading love. I recently moved to North Carolina to follow my passion. I received an opportunity to be a producer for WXII 12 news station, so I took it.

It was a step-up for me because I was working three jobs – all in my field, but still three separate jobs. The jobs included working at a local radio station, news station and marketing firm.


-How did you become interested in journalism?

I became interested in journalism after my principal sent me to a journalism camp at Miles College one summer. While attending the camp, we had to write an article about the experience; the winner would receive a $1,000 dollar scholarship to Miles College. Coincidently, I won, and it took off from there.

I ended up doing my first summer internship at WVTM 13. After that, I went to ABC 33/40, then WVUA in Tuscaloosa, and then The Birmingham Times for print journalism. I went to Stillman College instead of Miles College, based off not wanting to be in my hometown. I really wanted to attend an HBCU. With Stillman College being so close, it was an easy decision.

– What has been the biggest setback of your career thus far?

I have sickle cell, and having sickle cell almost stopped me from accepting the new job. Anyone who knows about the illness knows it can kill you. I’m fortunate to have a good support system to help me with the illness.

-Any advice for Black males or individuals interested in the field?

As a whole, don’t become the stereotype that the world paints us as. I think we often get caught up in what others think of us, and then, we unfortunately try to fit into that. We are men; we are supposed to write our own ticket by making our own decisions and living with them. I’m not the most perfect person, but when I die, I know I will feel better about living my own life versus living like what people thought of me.

For those interested in the field my advice would be to follow your passion, get used to adjusting and embrace the process. Nothing worth building should be rushed. Don’t just go in looking to be the face on the camera; there are plenty of other opportunities in the field. We can seek other options.

-How can readers keep up with you?

FB- Chris A Ruffin Jr.

IG- ChrisRuffinJr.


This article was written by Justin Sims, (IAMMRMENTOR), In hopes of not only inspiring entrepreneurs, but young black males to be the best and the truest version of themselves.

If you like this article and find yourself interested in more positive stories about black millennial age males, please visit WWW.IAMMRMENTOR.CO and follow him on his social media pages IAMMRMENTOR on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Editing By: Ciara Dawson