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Black millennial male, healthy, meal prep, chef
black, male, millennial, chef, healthy living, non gmo, organic
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“The Lost Spoon”

“The Lost Spoon”

“The Lost Spoon”

-Who is Chef Cleveland Shearls?

Chef Cleveland Shearls is a guy who really chased his dream. Initially, I was lost, but then I really fell into my purpose, and that purpose was to help people eat healthy. I had a passion for food and followed my heart. It was a gratifying feeling seeing people enjoy the food I made, that’s what really kept me going. My love for food came from seeing my mom in the kitchen with all her ingredients and seeing the effect her food had on people. It was more so seeing her communicate through food rather than words. This made me want to illustrate the same pictures. Food gave me confidence and made me feel like I was safe; so with that, I chased my dreams. I went to the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Tennessee – Nashville to perfect my craft.

After gaining experience from school and restaurants through various positions like pantry, grill, and even sous chef, the journey has been amazing. This gave me another drive to want more.

-How and why did you come up with The Lost Spoon? Tell us more about your services.

The Lost Spoon came from watching people set the table. Most people set the table with a fork and a knife, but there is always that last bit of food or desert that a spoon or knife can’t pick up – that missing piece where the spoon is needed. I felt it went along with my motto, “Don’t set the table without me.” I’m the missing element.

The Lost Spoon was built to provide services for busy families and the busy professional. My services are two–fold; I have a personal chef service and a meal prep service, both of which provide microwave-ready meals to clients. In this day and age, most people don’t have the time to actually cook, so I provide shopping and cooking services for families in their homes, or I can cook it in mine. I also provide catering services for socials, banquet functions, and corporate meetings.

I have connected with trainers to create a program to help individuals eat healthy; the program is called “Built by Chef.” The program shows you how to shop, purchase, cook, and stay on track with your healthy-eating habits. Most people who want to lose weight lack structure. That’s why I collaborated with local trainers and trainers from around the U.S. to create a program that is engaging and successful.

-Any advice to young Black males?

Be true to yourself; don’t get caught in the typical “keeping it 100 with your homeboys” knowing that relationship may or may not last. Be honest and chase your dreams. If you work at it, it can happen. Find like-minded people who will challenge you to do better, but be around people who can help make you better. Find a mentor – someone who sees more in you and who you can confide and trust in, someone who has experienced something. Never give up on what you are fighting for; whatever the goal is, it’s so much bigger than you quitting. Furthermore, there are people who you don’t know that are looking up to you. Carry yourself in a manner that shows you are owning it -in your walk, your talk, and your work ethic – and again, don’t give up.

-How can readers keep up with you?

They can visit me at my website, thelostspoon.com, on IG @thelostspoon, on Facebook at The Lost Spoon, and on Twitter @thelostspoonllc.


This article was written by Justin Sims, (IAMMRMENTOR), In hopes of not only inspiring entrepreneurs, but young black males to be the best and the truest version of themselves.

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